Gold is the popular metal for making jewellery this is because of its durability, noncorroding proper and its beautiful shine. People lo wear the gold jewelry. There are many design and styles of men wedding bands available in the market. These are attractive and appealing designs which everyone loves to wear. Some of the common designs are as following

  • Brushed inlay yellow gold
  • Comfort fit yellow band
  • Classic wedding ring
  • Low dome comfort fit
  • Edge wedding ring with gold and platinum
  • Double milgrain white and yellow gold
  • Brush bevealed white and rose gold ring
  • Hammered milgrain with white and yellow gold
  • Yellow gold ring with diamonds

Colors of gold wedding bands

The gold is the famous metal used for making the ornaments. There are different colors present in the metal, it is the choice of the person that what type he prefers for the special day. The common colors are

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Rose gold

All the three colors have special color and brightness that forms the best jewel that the person prefers for the special occasion.

Gold karats

24 karat gold is the pure form; it is luscious that it is hard to shape the pure metal for that purpose some impurities are added to give it the strength so that it can easily made into different shapes. For men, the wedding band ranges from 14k to 18K. 14 karat gold is 58 percent gold while 18k gold is 75 percent gold. The 14 k gold is stronger as compare to 18k because of the presence of the harder alloy for the formation of the band.

Gold bands with diamonds and other metals                  

To make the gold wedding band more alluring and beautiful, different diamonds, gemstones or the metals are added to give an appealing effect. The small diamonds are added in the line or the single diamond is present in the center. Platinum, wood are other materials that are used to make these precious wedding bands. Sometimes yellow and white gold are mixed to make the excellent version of the men wedding ring. Nowadays platinum with the rose gold is getting in trend because of its appealing and eye catching look.

The gold wedding ring is precious and popular; many couples prefer to buy the gold ring because of its brightness and awesome look.